Boxmoor Osteopathy and Therapy Centre

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This is a controlled form of exercise to help strengthen your trunk. Often with peoples lifestyles and jobs, back and abdominal muscles can become weak. This can cause back pain

and other health problems.

We offer one to one sessions where  we will design a program to suit your personal needs. You will also receive a sheet of the exercises to enable you to continue your program at home. We also offer group lessons for those who prefer the class environment.  

Price from £25


Massage helps to alleviate aches, pains and tension from over worked bodies.

It can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Massage ‘targets the tight spots’ which feel like ‘knots’ or very tender.

We treat each client individually and use techniques which will help the problematic areas.

This may be anything from stretching type massage to deep muscle work.

Clients may feel some discomfort temporarily.  

Price from £20


Reflexology works using the foot or hand as a map of the body. It is a relaxing treatment and can benefit many conditions as well as give a feeling of well being to the individual.  

A course of treatments is usually recommended for maximum benefits.

Price £30

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage works using techniques directly onto the most painful points once the muscles have been warmed. Deep stretching work may also be required.

Sports people, rehabilitation and very tight muscles benefit from this style of massage.    

Price from £25


This is a full body massage using Aromatherapy oils to suit the individual. It is therapeutic and relaxing, perfect for those who want to unwind and de stress.

Price £40